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Ama Thea The Label was originated based on making a brand fixated around ethical and sustainable beliefs. We're all about slow fashion, everything we produce is made with love in consideration of our planet, with timeless, all-inclusive styles in mind.

We are a brand that strives for high quality products at reasonable prices. The durability of our garments is significantly important to us. We want every single garment you purchase from us to last a long time. We create all-inclusive styles that feel luxurious and flatter all body types, to empower all women. We're all about creating classic pieces that will elevate your wardrobe from season to season, whilst being eco conscious.

All our styles are made to order to ensure we do not over produce. We prefer to maximise the variety in styles, colours and prints to limit obsolete stock. We manufacture all our styles using resource efficient manufacturing methods, like keeping fabric waste to the absolute minimum. We believe in zero waste. All our off-cut fabrics are turned into beautiful accessories such as scrunchies and any fabric that is impossible to turn into a product is sent to be recycled into something new sustainably. We aim to only use sustainable fabrics that are made from innovative yarns which are eco-friendly. As for our printed fabrics, all the inks used are water based which do not contain any toxic chemicals.

All our styles are developed and made close to home, in our own factory in-house in London. It is of high importance to us that everything we make is manufactured in London, where we can support our UK workforce whilst keeping our carbon footprint at a minimum. Other than our planet, we take pride in the treatment of all our machinists in providing them with ethical working conditions. The men and women who sew our garments work in house and are paid a competitive and fair wage for their hard work, which they deserve.

Every purchase made priorities the health of our planet.

Ama Thea The Label sustainable and ethical clothing brand, designed and made in London



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