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Sustainable fashion is on a rise. You’ll be surprise how many ways you can buy sustainable fashion. There are seven main ways to practice sustainable fashion.


The first form is second hand and vintage. Vintage clothing are clothes between twenty to a hundred Years old. Some people wear them as they are or turn them into new things! Vintage clothing which is secondhand, for the past years has been highly popular due to the trends of the 90s and 2000s last year and the 80s and 60s coming along this year. There’s many ways to buy vintage clothing, from eBay to Depop to independent vintage shops like Beyond Retro and Rokit. Buying vintage is more than an experience, you’ll be surprised what you can find especially for cheap. From pieces from designer archives to one of a kind unique pieces. You can even ask your parents if they’ve held onto old clothes, you never know what gems they got.

The second form is high quality and timeless design. This is clothing that never goes out of style. Clothing that remains a classic. Meaning that you won’t need to buy many clothes or even new ones because these pieces are made of high quality to last a long time. Brand like Free People, Madewell and then your high fashion brands like Chanel and Burberry all create timeless fashion pieces.

The third form is rent, loan and swap. Although there can be a stigma to renting or loaning and even swapping clothes. It does a lot of good and is perfect when you need something specifically for a one time occasion. You can now do this at Selfridges and Hurr, along with My Wardrobe HQ.

This helps the planet but reducing the production of clothing and reusing clothing pieces with different people for different things. You can swap your clothes on marketplaces like Depop in return for something else which is a good idea if you wanted something new and just don’t wish to spend the money.

The fourth form is on demand and custom made. This clothing does share similarities with high quality and timeless design. On demand and custom made clothing is clothing that is ordered first before production. Meaning that brands aren’t over buying or making clothes. They make the clothes for the people who have specifically ordered the item. This clothing is also high quality and special because it is usually made to your specific measurements.

The fifth form is fair and ethical clothing. This clothing is all about the fair treatment of workers. It makes sure that workers are paid fair wages for the clothing they produce. This helps the planet and the people by being fair and creating better working conditions and hours for people. Brands that produce fair and ethical clothing are Boden, Patogonia, Reformation and Levi’s.

The sixth form is repair, redesign and up cycle. This clothing is all about turning something old into new. Many people repair old shoes or bags and even jeans. Many people redesign different clothing by making jeans into shorts or a hoodie into a skirt and top. This is up cycling. It bringing new life, creativity and uniqueness to something old. This way of being sustainable is perfect because the clothes are already made meaning you just need to cut, sew or print onto the past clothing.

The last form of sustainable fashion is green and clean. This type of clothing is either created from eco friendly material, has been up cycled or produced in eco friendly production method. Brand that support this and produce this type of clothing are places like, Boden, Organic basics, Thought clothing, Eco vibe and Threads for thought.

Remember, think before you buy.



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